Roman Architecture Essay

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From the beginning of time, mankind has developed many distinct methods of construction. These architectural methods have advanced from round huts to pyramids to skyscrapers. Over the years, designers from many different cultures have improved ways of constructing buildings in order to create those of the highest quality. One culture, in specific, that is well-known for its excellence in architectural design is that of Ancient Rome. They are most famous for their architecture, based on the new ideas and materials that they established. The Romans learned concepts from prior ages and altered them with the aim of building up their Empire and creating a stronger basis for living. Through mastering skills of architecture and engineering, the Romans were able to change the face of Europe forever. They learned not only to master ways of creating solid structures but also ways of giving them character and style. Roman architecture did not simply appear out of thin air; it has its roots in Grecian and Etruscan architecture. The Etruscans gained most of their knowledge of building from the Greeks (Carr). However, they were the first to build big stone structures in Italy. Although they took after many Greek architectural ways, they also developed new forms of their own. The Etruscans tried to create a new architectural style that differed from that of the Greeks. Grecian architecture included columns and steps surrounding the entire span of the temple, while Etruscan columns and stairs were only placed in the front of the temple. One main difference between the two types of architecture was that Etruscan temples were built out of a type of limestone called tufa. In contrast to this, the Greek temples were made out of marble, making them stronger and more durable (Carr). The Etruscan builders were influenced greatly by those in Greece, while the Romans were influenced by

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