Porticus Octavius Essay

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The Porticus Octavia was built by Octavius after his victory against the Macedonians, after which he was named Imperator. However since the title of Imperator is removed at the days end, imperators would show their power through architecture by building monuments or temples in recognition of their great achievement. The Porticus Octavia was the start to a new chapter of ancient Roman architecture because it was the beginning of Rome’s Hellenization. There is no one answer as to why Octavius built the temple the way he did but the assumption is that it was modeled after the Greek temples thus why it is called the Hellenization of Rome. However there are other possibilities as to why this structure was built the way it was. It could have been built that way due to the Greek influence on architecture, or it could have been due to the alliance built with the Attalids after the Macedonian wars. The Porticus Octavia is a structure that shows us exactly what the Hellenization of Rome was. Due to its similar structure and form as many Greek buildings it is assumed that Octavius was modeling his monument after the Greek war monuments. This helps to reach a better understanding of why Hellenization actually occurred in Rome. As Rome was in the midst of a changing republic it looked on new ways to express ones power and wealth. They looked to the Greeks and saw the beautiful temples and structures being built by the wealthy and successful in battle, thus the romans began to use architecture as the Greeks did. Octavius was the first roman to Hellenize Rome with his porticus and therefore was the start to a new era in roman architecture. The reason the Porticus Octavia is relied on so much to describe the Hellenization is due to how similarly Octavius modeled after the Greeks. Though this may be the Hellenization of Rome, it is the in reality the romans taking
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