Egypt Advantages And Disadvantages

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Egypt Egypt is a city that has undergone many advances and fairly quick. It has been blessed with many natural gifts due to its geographic location. Egypt has many advantages as well as disadvantages when it’s culture is analyzed. Some advantages Egypt has but are not limited to are the Nile River, a written language, and technological advances. The Nile River is a huge advantage that Egypt has when compared to any other city or village. The Nile is such a big deal because Egypt has such a dry climate and it being the longest river in the world provides water for a lot of people. In addition to supplying water, the Nile also provides silt. The river floods annually to provide a very rich, organic soil which is perfect for farming. Observation of annual floods eventually lead to the development of a calendar, which is very similar to ours today in the sense that it too was a three hundred and sixty five day year.…show more content…
By having a written language Egypt now had a written history instead of things being based off of memory. The history would include a chronological list of the kings whom had served as Egypt’s ruler. The new technique also provided things such as written laws, an expansion of culture, religious inscriptions such as spells to protect the dead, biographies and autobiographies, stories, and a means of recording things regarding business relations. The development of a written language benefited Egypt in many ways, but another discovery also had quite an impact on Egypt and is still held in high regards today. Another technique that emerges in Egypt is monumental architecture. Egypt has learned to use mud to make bricks, but it begins to built large structures such as pyramids. The pyramids primarily serve as a burial place for important people such as the pharaohs. The use of a pharaoh as a ruler provides Egypt with advantages and

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