Rock N Roll Evolution

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Usually known for its loud guitars and colorful behavior, rock music starts to have its own identity by the early 1950’s. When it first appeared, it was originally named Rock n Roll. The phrase rock and roll used to have two meanings: it appeared to mean dancing, but it also had a sexual meaning. Rock music comes from a mixture of old R&B, country, western, African American blues and jazz (rock N roll).There is a general conclusion that rock n roll arose in the southern United States. The migration of African Americans to the Northern states resulted in a clash of different fashions, sounds, and movements (rock and roll wiki). This is how rock and roll was born. Like most things, rock n roll evolved with the rest of the world. Old rock…show more content…
A performer’s attire is based on the type of rock they perform. Glam Rock artists usually wear lots of glitter and high heels. Punk groups wear mock-conservative attire including jeans and suit jackets with stones (Innocent 50’s). Heavy metal bands usually wear spikes, long hair, studs and stones, leather and have a stronger approach than the rest. There are many people who contribute to music but there are just some people who had an impact on the genre as a whole. Some of those people in the old generation were Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Buddy Holly. Chuck Berry was one of the first black rock and roll performers to appeal to black and white audiences. Since Elvis Presley, The Beatles had the greatest impact on rock music. (The history of rock music) Every music genre has its own identity. Rock n roll’s identity would have to be centered on rebellion. The lyrics, the craziness of everything from the beat to the hair is all a part of rebellion (rock and roll) I believe that is why it was and is so popular to teenagers. Rock n roll questioned the rules and the norms of society and made it different and acceptable. For example, the world sees neutral hair colors to be normal while rockers consider pink to be normal. Rock n Roll impacted the world by allowing us to express our creative, wild and crazy side and be perfectly okay with

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