Eng/380 Evolution Of Language

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Evolution of Language ENG/380 Evolution of Language Languages evolve over time and certain terms change their meanings over the years. The English language has been evolving for centuries and the evolution of this language is even more apparent in today’s society. The two terms that are examples of how language changes over time are “rock ‘n roll” and “cola”. “Rock ‘n roll” is actually two words that have been combined to make a new meaning. The meaning of “rock” in this sense is to move rhythmically to a beat. It also carries sexual overtones as well. Hiskey (2010), “The word “roll” has been used since the Middle Ages to refer to, among other things, having sex” (). Before the early 20th century these two terms were similar in meaning yet were not used together. In the early 20th century black Americans began to combine both of the terms to describe their music. Within a few decades, the term “rock ‘n roll” is synonymous with a certain type of music.…show more content…
Elliot (2014), “Dr John Stith Pemberton made a historic visit to promote a new health tonic he'd concocted. After sampling it, the pharmacy decided that the brown beverage was tasty enough to offer as a fountain drink” (). The purpose of cola at that time was for medicinal reasons. It was used for nervous ailments and as a brain tonic (Elliot, 2014). This drink became known as Coca-Cola and after a candy company began to bottle it, the sales became enormous. Cola is now known as a carbonated beverage with syrup. It is no longer used for medicinal purposes and remains a standard beverage served in almost any
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