Influence Of Music On African-American Culture

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Music Since 1945 No time in the history of music, has there been such a dramatic change in style, rhythm, tonality, and composition, in such a short period, as the Music since 1945. In less than a century, technology has enhanced the quality and the listenability of all types of music. As with all things, time tends to make music progress and grow. And with progression and growth, new musical styles emerge. Of course we still have our operas and symphonies, with their classical styles and sounds that are associated with the sophisticated culture. The younger generation along with the middle-class, have different likes and styles of their own. It is an endless list of different genres and cultures, with each one being unique;…show more content…
Because any music created from African- Americans was termed as, “black music or race music”, it was rarely ever played on the radio. To make it sound more upbeat and appealing by all races, a Billboard reporter,( Jerry Wexler),2, called it R & B, and the phrase has been around ever since. c) Rhythm and Blues music from the 1940s to today has made a tremendous impact on the African-American culture and the entire country as a whole. Many new artists such as, “Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé”, along with a long list of other greats, have accredited this type of music to their success. III. Rock and Roll a) Rock music has many different styles, along with just as many different types of musicians. 1) Alternative Rock, which includes (grunge, indie, new wave, punk, and goth). 2) Art Rock, with bands like, (Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendricks, and The Exploding Plastic Inevitable). 3) Metal is one other that has bands such as, (Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden). 4) Glam Rock is consisted of bands or singers like, (Elton John, Queen, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, and David…show more content…
A couple of examples would be the 60s style, with the long hair, ballad type music that promoted peace, love and drugs. Hence, the hippie was born. Then we had the age of Disco, where the music culminated a cult of cocaine using disco dancing people. This type of music had vocals singing to a steady beat that was easy to dance to. After that came the early Metal music which started an entirely different breed of listener, which dressed provocatively and partied all night. With each different style of Rock, there comes a different response from the public, albeit, a welcomed

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