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Nick Mataraza 1st Period Between the 1950's and today music has changed in many ways. Many new genre of music has developed. For example, back in 1950's there was one type of music which was rock but today many Americans have developed new ways like dub step, rap , metal , and many more. Between 1950 and 2013 the style, looks, the music and performance has changed, but the type of instruments the artists use has stayed the same. Back in 1950 the band members looked very nice dressed up as they wore white tuxedos, ties, nice pants, and nice dress shoes. But as the years moved on artists started to care about their looks a little too much, meaning the band members started wearing less clothes, trashy shirts/pants, and these bands even started to…show more content…
Steven Tyler was known for dirty dancing as he loved to take his microphone and hold it out like he had a giant crotch. With the combination of the dress code and this dirty dancing has brought us bad things like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and the worst of worse, Miley Cyrus. Now that I've talked about the changes let's talk about the continuity. One of the biggest continuity in American Music is the instruments that were used. Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drums, Vocals, and much more were all used and still is used today. Guitars may have approved a lot since the 1950 with guitars making tons of new sounds compared to 1950 guitars had one job, but today music guitars do a lot more. The drums are a huge hit all around, everybody loves the drums and the drums have not really changed. The only thing that might have changed is the drummer and his or hers talent to play them. These instruments all have one purpose and that is to help with the music. The Guitarist usually does these cool drifts and wacky sounds to spice up the beat, and most songs have a guitar solo, which is a huge thing in bands. All these music technology has changed
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