African American Rap Music Essay

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Music has been the driving force that has pushed the world day in and out. It has been the very inspiration, aspiration, and motivation of and for humanity. It's prominent power to move the world has been prevalent since the dawn of time. It is inevitable for someone to not be touched by one of the many genres that encompass the world of music. One specific race that has been highly affected by music are African Americans. Music has been prolific in uplifting the African American race. Breaking barriers in the world that may have never been reached without music. Therefore, music can be seen as the catalyst to the evolutionary change in the African American community. With the creation of economic progress, finical stability, and respect…show more content…
Music is always being created and the creator evolve everyday taking not only the United States by storm but the entire world. Moreover, rap is a style of music named for the style in which it is delivered. Incorporating lyrical flair over samples and beats, it can be set to many different styles of music including blues, jazz, and soul with Caribbean calypso, dub, and dance-hall reggae. It exploded into the mainstream in the 1980s and developed into numerous styles. Often political, some of rap's most famous stars have come from street gangs. Its combination of gritty urban storytelling and beat-driven, technologically sophisticated music has gained popularity worldwide. Famous rappers include Run D.M.C, Rick Ross and Jay-z. African American music has influenced many modern musical styles. For example Chuck Berry (1926-) and Little Richard (1932-) transformed urban blues into what we know as rock ‘n' roll; rock guitarist, singer and songwriter Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970) began his career in a rhythm and blues band; and Stevie Wonder (1951-) and Marvin Gaye (1940-1984), transformed the sound of Motown into soul music. As time goes on we can see that the social mobility of African Americans in society continues to progress with an undeniable possibility of never

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