Rhetorical Analysis On Martin Luther King Jr

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I Have a Dream Today Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man who was a civil rights leader and activist who greatly influenced America and whose encouragement of none violent protest eventually made affect in society and legislations were passed against racial discrimination. I will be identifying all of the social justice issues M.L.K Jr. addressed in his speech, also I will identify what he asked people to do about those issues, will also be expressing what I believe are issues that should be added according to his prospective, alongside the issues we have eradicated. The social Justice issues M.L.K Jr. addressed in his speech were that years after the enslavement of blacks they were still being damaged by segregation and discrimination. They didn’t have the opportunities others had like being able to move up and get out of poverty. In his speech he…show more content…
There is no such thing as segregation, and every citizen is granted their civil rights. Even though things are different now and you don’t see “for whites only”, discrimination exist among all races. Racism is still an issue today it might not be as bad as before but it still exist. People are constantly being stereotyped which coincides with a huge issue today that as it seems by every news outlet if you’re not white you’re in danger of being a victim of police brutality. Even today as we have come a long way from where our ancestors began, equality is not at its full potential and we still have a long road ahead of us to get there. Martin Luther King Jr, helped make the United States be what it is today. He informed his people about the social justice issues going on and what they should do about those issues. He gave them hope and a life to look forward too. Along with what he said I explained what I thought were issues that are still around today and the issues we no longer have. Today I am proud to say we are one step closer to being one hundred percent
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