How Did Martin Luther King Affect The World Of Today

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Since the human race has existed slavery has existed. Many people have tried to stop slavery and segregation some have succeeded, others not so much, but those who have the courage to fight against the “flow” of the world and speak up for themselves and their ethnicities those are the people who are remembered. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one those amongst many, he will be remembered always for his bravery his courage and his ability to stand out and say “Hey, this is wrong!” I don’t know why but even though slavery had been abolished for years. There was hatred towards those of different ethnicities. Dr. King not only did he make this better but he also influenced people to speak up for themselves no matter what sex, race, or religion there is no wrong in saying what you think is wright. Hatred amongst other people just because they look different or they act different is not morally correct people should live with accept and maybe even embrace the different cultures. Even though Dr. King is dead his words and characters live on into the modern world. Today Dr. King’s decisions and speeches have affected the world of today in many ways. One of the greatest achievements was our new president Barak Obama, but his smaller achievements count too, such as the diversities in school, neighborhoods, and public areas. Many of the…show more content…
Progressing forward means a lot to America if we can find way to get back on our feet with no one left behind our country and world can be once again successful and back on track into a world of discovery. The world itself is like a fruit in the market if it looks bad on the outside but has good potential on the inside no one will buy because it still looks bad on the outside that is us right now if we don’t make it look good on the outside then we will rot cause there is nothing out there that wants

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