Essay On African American Equality

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It is easy to say that equality was achieved among our African American citizens by looking around in today's America. Today we may pay no mind to the struggles and hardships African Americans endured throughout our history as a nation. However, we know that many wars were fought and many people stood up for what's right; they stood up for liberty and justice for all. There are many ways African Americans stood united to fight discrimination, end segregation and isolation, and finally attain full equality and civil rights (Bowles 2011). It was a long process that began way before the civil rights movement of the 1950s and '60s (Bowles 2011). African Americans have faced discrimination at the workplace, schools, at times of war, in professional sports, politics, and at public functions (Zopp 2011). The process of equality was a long and difficult one, it came with…show more content…
Martin Luther King's approach and that of Malcolm X's (Jones 2006). King advocated integration and love, he believed and expressed that all men are brothers and we should love each other and embrace our differences as well as our similarities as fruitful gifts from God (Jones 2006). Malcolm X, however, came from a different angle claiming that African Americans need to stick together and be strong (Tyner 2004); he was incredibly courageous and advocated human rights, perhaps most importantly, however, he advocated African American rights (Tyner 2004). Many labeled him racist and black supremacist. Malcolm expressed another feeling and angle that was not uncommon in the African American community during this time, frustration, anger, and fear (Tyner 2004). It is also important to remember that King and Malcolm X had very different upbringings. They both wanted a better life for African Americans they just had a different way of looking at
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