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RETURNING 1 RETURNING TO SCHOOL RETURNING TO SCHOOL your name ENG 121 instructor Aug.29, 2011 I never imagined finding myself returning to school at the age of twenty-nine. It has been ten years since I attended high school. This year I decided to attend college even though it wasn’t easy. After thinking about it for so long, I made the decision to further my education. Not only will furthering my education benefit me but my family as well. It seems like every time I get ready to go back to school, something seems to get in my way. This year was my year and I claimed it. I was determined to return to school with no exceptions. In my paper you will find out why I chose to return to school and why I chose Ashford University as my college institution. First of all growing up I always had my life figured out. At least that’s what I thought. The first thing I was going to do when I graduated in 2001 was go to college. Since I entered high school, college has always been on my mind. In high school I applied for at least three schools, but never attended. Unfortunately my plans didn’t go as I wanted them to. Once I finished high school, my grandmother needed help with her bills, so I got a job and worked full time. The education I will receive by returning to school will make a huge difference in my life. In June 2011 I enrolled in Ashford University. Choosing to return to school will help me get a job that I like doing, support my family finically, set a good example for my child, and basically just having a degree. My family has been pressuring me to return to school for the longest. I think since I decided to enroll in school, it will help me get a job that I will enjoy doing. I have found out if you don’t like the work that you do, then you will not want to go to work. I hate my job; that’s why I decided to

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