Response To Shirley Wright's Argument

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Shirley Wright’s comment makes me more likely to file a formal complaint. Due to the fact that these new employees are making sexual references that are offensive and should not happen in the workplace, I feel that they should be punished. I do not agree with the punishment because I believe someone should be reprimanded but not fired. This is a first time occurrence so I don’t see why someone should get fired for that. I think they should be reprimanded and if it’s something that they continue to do then their punishment should be getting fired from their job. I agree with Ron DesVue because I think that he brings up a good point. This is something that people can get fired for so these high school students need to know that they are making a mistake. I think that if you talk to someone about the issue then they are more likely to stop because it makes them aware that they are not being professional and could lose their job because of their behavior.…show more content…
I do not think that these conversations are being kept private or else nobody else would have overheard them. These conversations are not safe for the work place and they should not be going on at work. If these people want to have conversations like this they need to be having them at home, not somewhere they work and are getting paid for being professional. I think that she distinguishes between sexists and racist remarks because she’s African American. I do not think that either of these remarks should be discounted more than another. If someone says sexual remarks towards someone and someone else says racist remarks towards someone, they should be punished the exact same way. Being unprofessional is not something that people should be able to get away with and I don’t see a difference in sexual remarks and racial remarks, they both are looked down upon and
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