Bus 610 Organizational Change Paper

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Wendy Schwartz Organizational change BUS 610 Moore April 8, 2013 Organizational change Change in the workplace comes with all sorts of perceptions. Some perceptions are positive and some perceptions are negative. Perceptions are achieved from external and internal factors that affect the individual. Good management skills allow managers to not only to expect these positive and negative perceptions from employees, but also to assist employees with their perceptions for a smooth transition to change in the workplace. Employees will respond to change in different ways. The negative responding employee predicts the change will be bad and so confronts all attempts at change with a very pessimistic view. The employee responding as an instigator attempts to get others riled up to oppose changes or to act in ways that impede their success. The “passive-aggressive” responding employee acts as if he is cooperating, but in fact very subtly sabotages whatever is put into effect. The “go with the flow” responding employee cooperates and tends to take a wait and see position. The positive thinking employee approaches change as a motivating challenge and an opportunity for new learning and growth (Becker, 2013). How an employee decides to…show more content…
Next, I should have disciplined my staff for not following the guideline in its earlier nature and may have avoided the severe penalty. I could have offered Administration alternatives to cell phone use, such as allowing employees to use the company phone during breaks, if necessary, to check up on children etc. or making one of the many phone lines/numbers strictly for this purpose. Lastly, my staff that did follow the guideline making an example for other employees could have been praised in their team efforts and rewarded in the hopes others would follow their
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