Cheryl Hunter Ethics Case Study: Facial Hair

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Krystal Marceau, Cheryl Hunter Ethics PI242 ZZ, Final essay. When reading this case study, I thought to myself on how many male teaches I have had over the years that have had facial hair, and I lost track when I could not count on my fingers and toes anymore. I feel it is not right to discriminate against someone for how they look. People are different in many ways and many people like to express themselves with how they look or dress. I can see if someone is not hired for employment if they have exposed tattoos, and or piercing, or colored hair, but facial hair is a little extreme and not hiring someone for that reason is completely unethical, and immoral. There are some jobs out their that do require clean saved and proper hygiene, but…show more content…
Maybe they should have asked him to trim his facial hair instead of shaving it, and they could have compromised between the two. The man seemed very cut out for the job and the employer knows that and still processed to ask him to shave is facial hair, if he wanted the job. I also feel that right when they saw the man applying for the job they probably did not look past his facial hair and did not really get to know the person behind the beard. The school also could get a lawsuit against them, and the consequences to that would be much more substantial, then what the school kid’s family’s thought of him and his facial hair. The man could go to the court system and fight for his position on his behalf of discriminating against him for the way he looks. Probably not wanting the job after knowing the reason for not hiring him, but to prove my point would be more of what I would fight for. This man could also take some consequence with not saving his facial hair. Him and his family could have been depending on this job, the man might also think to himself that with this facial hair he would never get a teaching job, and maybe he should just stick it out and get rid of his facial hair despite on how his feels about his it. To me this is not right; someone having to sacrifice something they do not want to please someone

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