Should Hate Speech Be Censored

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Solomon 1 Angela Solomon Jane Riches Digital Citizenship 31 Oct 2012 Should Hate Speech Be Blocked or Censored? Should hate speech articles be blocked from viewing? “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. (George Washington - Brainy Quotes).” I think hate speech should only be blocked if it causes physical harm to a single person or an ethnic or religious group. Just because a person takes offense to something that someone said online and in the public, doesn’t mean the person who wrote it shouldn’t have the ability to say it. Yes, it is “mean”, but that isn’t a reason to take away a constitutional right. A pro would be the physical dangers involved and a con would be…show more content…
Facebook chooses who they think hates jews and who doesn’t. “By policy, Facebook prohibits users from posting content that is ‘hateful, threatening, pornographic or that contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.” There is a difference between violence and expressing an opinion. “Driving these groups underground doesn’t remove their power or attractiveness,” Jennifer Granick, civil liberties director, said. “It enhances it.” Pro: "I want to say, ‘If you want to hurt somebody and want to make their life is miserable, then who are you?' " Riberio said. "Why do you not like yourself to the point you hurt someone? Look in the mirror. The drama will never end, what can stop is the bullying."(source) Says a girl who was being consistently cyber bullied through her freshman year. She became depressed and suicidal by the end. This shows how hate speech can become a physical harm to someone. People sometimes attack not just a single person, but a whole group. A bunch of homosexuals are cyberbullied and are too afraid to get help. Most of them become depressed and become unsure on how to deal with the pain. They start to believe what people say, and they lose selfesteem. This is an issue because a lot of youth homosexuals are starting to think that what they are is wrong. The attacks made on them can make them want to kill themselves, and that is a physical danger to them. I think that hate speech should not be censored. Free speech is they way of life

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