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The cheating crisis has hit its epidemic in every classroom today. Student cheating and academic dishonesty is no longer a stigma, but a norm. It was found that 60.8 percent of polled college students admitted to cheating and believes cheating is essential (8 Astonishing Stats on Academic Cheating, 2010). "Everyone does it" (Kennedy, 2012). Academic dishonesty occurs in many different forms such as sharing answers, plagiarizing or copying homework; sadly, cheating happens daily in most educational intuitions today. Students cheat because of the various academic pressures they have, and simply stated it's the easy way out, but this can later affect a student's academic and professional career. Today's society values "good grades more than knowledge"(Kennedy, 2012), this idea further burdens students with more academic pressures than what already exists which encourages them to cheat and manipulate their knowledge in order to receive better grades. It is normal for a child's parents to expect good grades from their children, but some parents do not realize the overwhelming pressures that lie on a student's shoulder to achieve a grade of excellence. A "C" letter grade represents satisfactory achievement and should not be looked down upon. For example, a child might bring home a report card filled with A's and B's with one "C" to their parents. One sudden glimpse of that letter brings along displeasure from their parents as if it was that only red color in a sea of black and white. Many parents focus on a child's bad grades instead of giving positive reinforcement for all the good. How can one bad letter grade out weight all the other good ones? These kinds of pressures not only exist in a student's home environment but around the world. It is now a "survival instinct" (Kennedy, 2012) for a student to cheat their way through their academic career. In order to get into

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