Honestly And Integrity

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Honestly and Integrity Everyday people grow and learn, and as we thrive we find out things about ourselves and life. What our morals we may believe in and other things we value to our lives. In my time, I have so far learned that honesty and integrity are two of the things I honor most. In this essay I will show how my personal academic integrity related to my regular life, in examples such as being a ref and playing soccer. For the past three years I have been part of the U.S.R.A which stands for Utah Soccer Referee Association. I work as a referee (ref.) two to three games a week and have an hour class every week that go along with it. The class is in regards to riffing; it keeps my skills fresh and up to date so I can perform my job well. I do it because I love the sport and want to help out the community. In most of the classes the concept of being honest is always brought up, it has a major influence on my line of work. It’s a major factor because games need to be played fairly. It’s always brought and will always be a serious matter. As a student, there are many events that test your integrity in the classrooms. Taking a test is a great example. Although sometimes it may be simple to cheat, it is so much more rewarding to have earned the “A” yourself. Proving to yourself that you have learned what you know, and that cheating is superfluous. Clara Rivera of the Los Angeles Times stated “Some high schools act on their own to punish students whose scores (SAT scores) have been canceled, sometimes with suspension if they admit to cheating.” (Rivera 3.) This to me means that the school takes cheating in to their own hands, setting their own boundaries and decline for injustice. Though honesty is not the only not permanent thing in academics; it also crucial in the sports world. Righteousness is a major part of soccer, and soccer is a huge part of

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