Reflective Interview Paper

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Reflective Interview Paper PSYCH/500 September 30, 2013 Karen Underwood Reflective Interview Paper Introduction Family is a very important piece to have a full, happy, and memorable life. At least this is something given from the elderly lady this paper will reflect on from her interview. She is a very admirable lady. She is a prime example that shows life can be worth living without the riches and glory of money. She gives extensive examples of how family is priceless and how family can give memories, good or bad, that can last a lifetime. She was chosen for this interview because of her wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of life. Her aging is very successful, she has a slight limp but it does not stop her from getting around. She still has beauty younger than her years and several individuals were complementing how she gracefully aged being that she does not look 76 years old. Notable Aspects Family is the one thing she speaks on with a serious look on her face. When she spoke on her upbringing, there was always an example of her mother or kids. It was very surprising that she could remember things so vividly that took place in the 1940’s. There were no pauses or forgetful moments when she spoke on her pre-teen and teenage years. She was very forthcoming and confident when she spoke on any aspect of her upbringing. Her children are a very important piece of her life and well-being. Some people have recollections like elephants and can recall every minute aspect of occasions that occurred over 20+ years ago but cannot remember events from yesterday. This was not the case with this lady and that fact is very intriguing. She was easily able to speak on events that took place when she was an adolescent up to early adulthood. Berk (2010) suggests early childhood and adolescence are times of character expansion, when many personally
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