Double Life Case Study

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In the 2nd of May 1999 a small family gave birth to their first child, Maggie Johnson. Her mother Sheeree Amelia Avery Johnson and her father Brian Avery Burke was just newlywed. But there was something that Brian had kept hidden away from his wife. Secretly he was living this so called “double life”. From the outside Brian appeared as a caring and loving father and husband. But not many knew that Brian actually was an active member of the organization, Ku Klux Klan. - An organization which Maggie Johnson later turned out to be a part of. As a baby, Maggie Johnson was every parents dream. Unlike other children she rarely cried and this fell into good hands, both with the parents and their friends. When I asked Susanne, a friend of the family,…show more content…
But what I saw was just horrifying. When I opened the front door, I saw Brian wearing some kind of odd costume. At first it didn’t occur to me what exact costume it was. But when Maggie came running towards me, I instantly noticed this pixie cap which was classic for a KKK outfit.” On Sheeree’s trip to California, Brian had used the occasion to bring Maggie to a KKK-rally. Brian had had, to keep his hatred for black men to himself as being racist no longer was accepted. He had even convinced his wife to move to Texas because it was here that the KKK had settled, and was most spread. After this incident Sheeree decided to divorce Brian, and the custody of the child, off course, went to Sheeree. But this wasn’t the end. Some time after, Sheeree and Maggie were interviewed and the story spread out nationally. “KKK adopts a child” was the headline on Washington Daily News. This episode had caught people’s attention and suddenly Maggie was in the spotlight. Today Maggie Johnson and her mother Sheeree Amelia Johnson are living in Oklahoma. Even though Maggie has had a chequered past she is doing alright and hasn’t suffered any mental injuries of her experience with KKK (or the media). – After all, she’s just a little toddler with a great story in her

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