Successful Aging Interview

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1. I feel that the lady I interviewed is aging successfully because she has many hobbies and a great support system. The supportive factors I viewed just from being in her home, as well as what I gathered from the interview were that her husband and family are the most important in her life. Her hobbies, her job as a bookkeeper and her good health were also supportive factors. For her health, even though she goes to the renal center in Penticton every 6 months shows that her kidney failure, for the most part, is not as serious as other peoples can be. The fact that she is receiving medications for high blood pressure despite her blood pressure being at a normal, healthy rate shows that she and the doctors agree that she should be on the medications…show more content…
After doing this interview assignment, as well as taking into consideration all the information we have learned from the lectures in class, I have learned that successful aging is possible as long as you have a good support system to keep your mood and spirits lively and bright and something, or multiple things to give your life meaning as well as quite a few hobbies to occupy your time if you have fully retired. If your family is your support system, as well as the thing that gives your life meaning then you would want to see them on a fairly regular basis. In order to achieve this you could retire to an area in the same town that the majority of our family resides. If you don’t have the funds to move for retirement you could get someone to teach you how to use Skype, or some other form of video communication. To decrease your chance of boredom and depression you should have at least a minimum of 5 hobbies so that you can fill your day up doing things you enjoy rather than just sitting around the place where you reside and staring at the walls. To fend off any feelings of helplessness having at least one animal to take care of would give you responsibilities, like feeding and watering the animal, if you live on your own or in a long term care facility. If your place of residence, be it a home or a facility, has a garden, you can take over the responsibilities of making sure the plants are watered on a regular basis. If you still reside at home and you live with your spouse or another family member and you are in good health, your responsibilities would be making sure the person is looked after, whether it be guaranteeing that they are fed or just keeping them company. Successful aging can also be gained by making sure you have a healthy lifestyle, from getting some form of exercise a day and having a nutritional diet as well as regular visits to the doctor to monitor your health, to keep on top of and prevent any major health

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