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Martha Ballard is able to go beyond what I would have expected a woman from the late 18th century, could do. She is as a free spirit yet still completes her obligations as a wife. She is not made to stay at home and care for her children and husband, and although she does that job with great pride, Martha can be described as a woman with many professions, “…a midwife, nurse, physician, mortician, pharmacist and attentive wife [and mother]…” (Pg. 40). But how typical was this in her era? Was she the only one that was granted this permission to govern herself as the way she did? Therefore, is her text really reliable in concluding how women different from her lived in Hallowell in her time? Where the inequalities, that women from future generations…show more content…
Women were able to manage the economy and engage in, “barter and trade” and therefore manage some power between themselves, while the men had their meetings “Martha and her neighbor were completing some private business of their own…” and therefore assuring, “women a place in economic life.” Besides trading and involving themselves in the economy, we mustn’t forget their power as midwifes. They administered medical care and where there to help populate their communities, “a midwife was the most…experienced person n a community of healers who shared her perspective…her training, and her labor.” (pg. 64) And without Martha and other midwifes contributions, Hallowell would not have grown and progressed as it did. Ultimately, woman were important in their society in the late 18th century and although there were inequalities, Martha and other midwifes and women found a way to improve their status in their particular communities. Perhaps A Midwife’s Tale could be interpret to form a hypothesis that Martha had too much freedom and therefore say it can not be used to describe other citizens in that society but with the combination of Martha’s Diary and Ulrich’s interpretation, it screams

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