Reflective Essay on Leadership

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Reflective Essay #3 This last week we learned about Full Range Leader Development. I enjoyed learning all the theories and behaviors about FLRD. It helped me to realize what traits my leaders have to make them successful and some not so successful. It also showed me what kind of leader I am and what I have to work on to be a better leader in the future. I liked going in-depth on the leadership theories, traits and behaviors. Learning how each one factors in to FRLD opened my eyes to what it takes to be a good leader. Also, it showed me what to avoid and what were bad traits and behaviors that will negatively affect the mission, my subordinates and the unit. I have had experience with leaders containing a wide variety of the traits. Early in my career it seemed like I had leaders that led with management by exception-passive or Laissez-Faire. I think this was mostly because of the stress of the mission and location of where we were. Many of the supervisors came from places like Aviano, Italy or Mildenhall, England and Minot, ND was not their first choice for a follow-on assignment. It did show me and shape me how to be better leader and it taught me how I did not want to lead at that early stage in my Air Force journey. At the time I didn’t enjoy military life much but now look at it and know how much it taught me. My current leader has many good traits. His primary one, I would say, is Leadership-Member Exchange. He has very good professional relationships with his subordinates and knows their temperaments very well. I think this makes him a very transformational leader and strive to follow in his

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