Leadership Style and Characteristics

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2 Introduction As a leader, one has to continue to improve on one’s ability to be a successful leader. It is very important that every leader gain an understanding of their personality type, leadership style, and leadership skills. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate my leadership style and to work with my mentor to identify my leadership characteristics. In this paper, and using leadership theories, I will analyze my selected leader to identify features and provide specific examples of leadership qualities that contributed to that person's success. I will also explain my leadership style and my ideas and plans to develop my leadership qualities based on my comparison with an admired leader and work with my mentor. The admired leader I will use for the purpose of this paper is Mahatma Gandhi. From 1921, Gandhi became a very important figure in Indian politics. He led the Indian National Congress (INC) and expanded his philosophy of complete individual, spiritual and political independence. He made sure that the party was open to all. The party had leadership but only so that a discipline could be maintained. Overall, the party was transformed and had large national followers. Leadership style and features of Mahatma Gandhi Gandhi as a Charismatic leader He had the ability to encourage people to follow him in large crowds. In South Africa, he encouraged his Indian followers to defy laws that were designed to oppress them, by using non-violent civil disobedience. Gandhi and his followers suffered the result of such actions. Many people were, flogged or thrown in jail, and some were shot. However, as Gandhi had predicted, the public outcry forced the South African government to change its position. Gandhi as an Inspirational leader He was against categorization of people and reached out to

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