Rapino Strategy Essay

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What do you think of Rapoino’s strategic direction for Live Nation? We feel that Rapino’s strategic direction for Lince Nation is on the right track to being very successful. Since 2005, the company created a separate business and became the world’s largest events and live music promoter. This means that their business presence is well known and highly respected on a domestic and international level. Live Nation has a growth strategy that has attracted the biggest entertainment stars. They offer all the services needed by entertainers and can include all the services into one contract. This all-in one style of various services can benefit from this and not have to search for individual companies to handle different business opportunities. For an everyday life situation, this could be just like going to get car insurance and eventually get offered life insurance, home owners insurance, financial consulting, and many more services from the same company. People love good service, convenience, and saving money. Live Nation has strategically figured out how to give their clients everything that they need to continue to be successful. Most importantly, they keep the entertainers connected to the fans through concerts, products, records sales, videos, and the Internet. ------------------------------------------------- If an entertainer does business with Live Nation, we feel that an entertainer will be reassured that the company will definitely be trying to provide the best services possible and maximize their earnings. When other entertainers witness these new strategic services, they will be attracted to the company as well. Rapino’s strategic direction also demonstrates innovative strategies that no other companies are offering at the time. Live Nation wants to operate your tour, sell your albums, sell you merchandise, run your website, produce videos, and even
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