Environmental Scan - Canada's Wonderland

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Introduction Canada’s wonderland is one of the most well known amusement theme parks in the world. Construction was initiated in April 1979, sitting on 379 acres in Maple (Vaughan). The park finally opened in May 1981; Wonderland has since been a successful corporation for over 31 years. In 1983 the park built the Kingswood Music Theater, which seats 15,000 guests and now hosts over 20 cultural festivals each season with famous acts from all over the world. Progressively, they continued to introduce new attractions to the park. 1992 they became a ‘two in one’ venue as they created the 20 acre water park, ‘Splash works’ -which features Canada’s largest outdoor wave pool and over two million gallons of heated water attractions. In 1993, Paramount Communication inc. purchased Wonderland, where it then became ‘Paramount Canada’s Wonderland’. Thirteen years later, Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. announced their interest in Canada’s Wonderland. Cedar Fair is one of the largest and most successful amusement park operators in the world, owning as many as 18 parks. As a result, June 2006 the company took over and Wonderland referred back to its original name “Canada’s Wonderland”. Since 1981, they have been consecutively improving and introducing new rides and attractions. Their newest roller coaster, Leviathan, is now the fastest and tallest coaster in Canada, making it a global attraction. To this day they are known for their 69 rides, 200 attractions, great live shows and much more. Their diversity and multi-culturalism makes them a phenomenon worldwide. Target Market Target market is a crucial part of a company’s marketing mix “target market is a group that managers feel is most likely to buy a firm’s product”1. “Marketing mix intends to meet the needs of that group, resulting in mutually satisfying

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