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ACDC Rock and roll was first created by Elvis Presley in the 1950’s. Rock and roll was new and the young people loved it. These days it is harder to find good rockers. Some older artists still rule the rock world today. Classic rock gods like Aerosmith, Guns and roses, Van Halen, Ozzy Ozbourne, and Poison. One Rock legend I would like to direct my focus on is the amazing and legendary ACDC. ACDC was formed in 1973 by the brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Malcolm Young decided he wanted to form a more pure rock and roll band. With that being said he left his former band the Velvet Underground to form ACDC (ACDC). ACDC was first known in Australia were Angus Young(lead guitar), Malcolm Young(rhythm guitar), Dave Evans(vocals), Larry Van…show more content…
Back in Black was their top selling album going double diamond (20,000,000) sales in the States (ACDC). Their first album ever was High Voltage (1975). Their latest album was Black Ice (2008) (ACDC Biography). ACDC has become famous worldwide by their legendary hits that you can still hear on the radio today. One song that comes to mind when everyone hears the word ACDC is Back in Black. That is because it was the most listened to song on the album and everybody heard it. There first big break occurred when they released the song “It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock and roll) (ACDC). Since then rock and roll fans all over the world have herd the name ACDC. There most famous 5 albums are Back in Black, High Voltage, Highway to Hell, Powerage, and Let there be rock (Ken). ACDC’s top ten songs of all time are 1. Back in Black, 2. Thunderstruck, 3.Highway to Hell, 4.You Shook Me All Night Long, 5. TNT, 6. Hells Bells, 7. It’s a Long Way to The Top, 8. Shoot to Thrill, 9. For Those About to Rock, and finally 10. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Miller). ACDC is the fifth bestselling band in U.S selling history. The artists in front of them are The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, and Led…show more content…
The last tour they performed was Black Ice. The tour took place through 2008 and 2010.The Black Ice Tour toured 19 countries. During this tour the played 168 shows, and had over 5,000,000 fans. The first tour was the Australian Club tour which took place in 1974- 1975. In this tour they played in 1 country and performed 83 shows total. As shown ACDC has gotten huge over the years and that is shown by cd sells, tour attendance, and how much you hear them on the radio. No other tour has come close to the Black Ice Tour. The closest one was the 1990- 1991 Razors Edge Tour. This tour had gone through 23 countries and played 162 shows (Tour). Over the years they have done a total of 20 tours worldwide. The lowest tour they have ever done was the TNT/Lock Up Your Daughters Summer Vacation Tour. This tour happened in 1975- 1976. They toured only one country (Tour). ACDC’s tours are one of the most dependable tours to this day

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