Corporate Culture - Walt Disney

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Abstract Walt Disney is a company that earned good reputation for effective management and organization behavior. They stood unique from the rest of companies in effectiveness. The company has a good culture in hiring, training and role-modeling its employees. This makes the people to work together and makes them feel part of the organization. Each employee knows his or her role in the organization. The company also creates synergies between its divisions with the corporate culture and makes any necessary change in the culture to attract more customers. The company listens and respects its employees and uses any good suggestions to make feature films or to implement in shows. It encourages employees to be more creative and makes them to understand company’s culture from day one. The company hires highly qualified people with the goal of making customers happy. These friendly employees create repeat customers to its entertainment world that makes the company most successful in the corporate world. The team presents corporate culture of Walt Disney Co. and discusses the organization’s mission, values and promotional material that helped the organization to become one of the fortune 100 companies in the corporate world. The company operates as a diversified entertainment company in TV, Radio, Internet, parks, resorts and travels. The paper discusses various organizational behavior concepts applied within the company to become a powerful entertainment company in the world including how it motivates employees, encourages team dynamics and training to new employees. Finally, the team evaluates organizational systems and procedures that are in place to improve the company’ profits. Walt Disney world is a multi-billion dollar company. The mission of the company is to become “one of the world’s leading producers and providers of
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