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Strategies of Live Nation Answers to questions on Live Nation’s Case Application 1. The business of Live Nation depends on providing variety of music labels and live concerts to its customers. So, it employs different strategies for their business growth. The growth strategy that Live Nation employs is to expand the markets served by them. They are accomplishing this by offering album production, merchandise sales, running artists’ website and music video production. Live Nation’s offering will be a single point of sale for artists to provide entertainment value to artists’ fan base. This goes along with Live Nation’s mission of maximizing the live concert experience to its customers. 2. The SWOT analysis will be useful to Mr.Michael Rapino, the CEO of Live Nation, in creating strategies for a sustaining business model. The music industry is struggling; by conducting SWOT analysis, Mr.Rapino will get to check the pulse on their strengths and weakness. Typically, the strengths can be exploited and mitigation strategies can be employed to handle weakness. The analysis will also help him with the opportunity to identify new market segments or expand within the current market. Another key thing to derive from the SWOT analysis is to identify the potential threats and create strategies to meet or overcome them. 3. Based on the report available at Edgar, Live Nation recently acquired Ticketmaster Inc. This acquisition is a vertical integration strategy. This helps Live Nation to fill the gaps in being a well-rounded business, servicing both musicians and fans. Since it already is a strong player in organizing music concerts, connecting artists and fans, the purchase of Ticketmaster gives them the ability to control the ticket sales and prices as well. 4. The strategic direction of Live Nation employed by Mr.Rapino will help the business to meet its customers’

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