Racism In NFL

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Racism/Bullying in the NFL when a lineman for the Miami Dolphins (Ritchie Incognito) was accused of being a racist/bully for using the N-word toward his team mates during practice says he was just using it in the same context and way that his black team mates was using it. I personally think it’s so petty that one race of people can call each other derogatory names but if someone from outside their culture tries to fit in and use the same words then they are labeled racist. How in the world are we all supposed to get along if it is ok for some and not ok for others. We all should just treat each other with respect and if we don’t like an individual just ignore them. What good does it do anybody to put someone down solely based on gender or race? I…show more content…
Like they don’t make enough money in the NFL they need to sue over petty bull crap like they were back in elementary school again. There are so many more important things to worry about in today’s society then calling people names. If they are not calling each other the N-word than it’s about their sexuality and they use the F-word and other derogatory names I chose not to use here. This article also says that his own team mates consider him to be honorary black because he is considered one of them from being on the team for so long, it also says it’s a cultural thing that he can’t be honorary black because he has not lived in oppression like the black race has which to me is a discriminatory remark in itself because black people don’t own the market on being oppressed. People of all cultures have been oppressed at some point in history. The Jewish people were persecuted in Egypt, And in Germany. But for some reason they feel that the oppression they went through was so much worse and that is pure
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