How 'Of Mice And Men Was A Protest'

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Bibliography - I am a 17 year old student studying Chemistry, Biology, Maths and BTEC music at A level. I am also doing an additional research project for which this access to this site would be very useful. Due to the nature of my other subjects and my age I don't have a substantial essay to hand in yet, the closest thing being coursework from GCSE level English. How was ‘Of Mice a Men a Protest’ In America in the 1930’s, the world was a cruel and unfair place to live. The Great Depression was in full swing and money was hard to come by. In his book, ‘Of Mice and Men’, John Protested against the treatment of disabled and of racial minorities which was very present at that time. One of the characters, called Crooks, is black. In the 1930’s this was a very bad thing to be as black citizens were considered second class and were treated as such. If there was an argument between a black person and a white person, the white person was right. In an argument that Crooks had with Curley’s wife, he was threatened with being lynched. People had that kind of power over black people as they were always right. Steinbeck protested against this treatment by showing to the world what was at the time, a stereotypical black person who would withdraw into himself for protection. Then Steinbeck opened the character up by talking him to Lenny. Crooks felt as if he could be totally open with Lenny because Lenny couldn’t properly follow track of the conversation and wouldn’t tell anyone else what he has said. This showed the readers the suffering that black people suffered. For example Crooks says to Lenny “Spose you couldn’t go into the bunkhouse and play rummy ‘cause you was black.” This shows the social outcast that black people were. By including this character, John Steinbeck was protesting that treating black people as social outcasts and as second class was not fair.
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