6 Quotes from to Kill a Mockingbird

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1. “Not only Finch waiting on tables but one in the courthouse lawing for *******!” Jem stiffened. Mrs. Dubose’s shot had gone and she knew it: “Yes indeed, what has the world come to when a Finch goes against his raisings? I’ll tell you!” She put her hand to her mouth. When she drew it away, it trailed a long silver thread of saliva. “Your fathers no better than the ******* and trash he works for!” (Lee 117) 1. (analysis)This quote said by Mrs. Dubose towards Jem and Scout shows how racists she is. Mrs. Dubose and most of the towns people dislike the Finches because Atticus is a white man defending a black man. Jem and Scout stats to become aware that all this is caused by segregation. Since Atticus is defending Tom Robinson in court Mrs. Dubose starts to insult Atticus for ‘lawing for *******’ which infuriates both of his children. [Theme: The injustice of racism and segregation] 2. “There’s something in our world that makes men lose their heads- they couldn’t be fair if they treid. In our courts, when it’s a white man’s word against a black man’s word, the white always wins. They’re ugly, but these are the facts of life” (Lee 252). 2. (analysis)The speech that Atticus shares with his children proves how much injustice and racism goes on in their town. Atticus tries to tell Jem and Scout that whatever happens between a white man and a black man, the white man will always win. Because that’s just the way it is. This shows that no matter what, there will always be people who are racist. Although people will not like it very much, but segregation will always take place. [Theme: The injustice of racism and segregation] 3. “But I want to play with Walter, Aunty, why can’t I?” She took off her glasses and stared at me. “I’ll tell you why,” she said, “Because- he – is – trash, that’s why you can’t play with him” (Lee 257). 3.(analysis)Since Aunt
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