Pursuit of Happiness

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university of phoenix | Pursuit of Happiness | Week 6 Assignment | | The authors of your textbook describe the American emphasis on the pursuit of happiness. Write a 700- to 900-word paper explaining the cultural and historical factors that contribute to this perspective. Contrast the traditional American perspective on happiness with the traditional Asian perspective on happiness. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. | Happiness can mean something different to anyone, if you really think about it. Happiness can also be a cultural thing. Just think about it. A Bible as a gift would make a hard-core religious person quite happy. If you give one to an atheist, it would not have the same effect. What makes you happy may not make someone else happy. Now, I do not want to seem like I am a racist or making generalizations here, but it has been thought that Asian cultures value honor and respect. I am, however, basing this off of stereotypes and movies I have seen, but they do come from somewhere. It is a great thing to value. I respect Asians for thinking this way. They also value a sense of unity and community. They have the mindset of one for all where everyone works toward the greater good. In America, we seem to pride ourselves on individuality. We’re all so different. We are free to live how we want and feel we should. There are different lifestyles and religions and families, (U.S. Cultures and values, 2012). That is one major difference between the American and Asian cultures. Some may find happiness by fighting for their country, bringing honor to their home, graduating from high school, going to college. There are many different things that bring happiness to individuals. Mostly, I would say that happiness is achieving one’s goal and feeling accomplished. In a study conducted in 2009, Americans were asked what

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