Strengths Reflection Essay

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If You’re Happy and You Know It: My Worldview To me, a worldview is how a person sees people, nature, and things, and how they all work together. I have generally seen the world as a positive place and, because one of my strengths is Input, I am able to gather information about the world and use that in my general understanding of how the world works. Knowing my strengths of Includer, Arranger, Achiever, Input and Positivity gives me a better understanding of how I view the world, myself, and where I see myself in the future. My worldview is rooted in different concepts, but is shaped around the idea that everyone should pursue his/her own happiness. If one person’s happiness comes from something that I don’t believe in, I don’t believe it is my right to tell him/her it’s wrong. I have basic opinions of what I believe in regard to specific groups, like in politics or in faith, but I can’t say that one set of beliefs is the right one. I am not quick to judge others’ worldviews. I know that others think and act differently than me and I am very accepting of that. The things that make us differ from each other are healthy for our society because society is based off of the fact that each person is unique and can attribute something different to make it better. If a person is doing something that they love, then they are living a good, healthy life. My worldview changes a little bit every passing year mostly because of my strengths of Input, Includer, and Arranger. There were very few different belief systems represented in my high school, but one of my friends was a Mormon; I was very interested in knowing all she could tell me about her belief system and why she believed in that. My strength of Input gives me a yearning to get other’s contribution on what they believe and why they believe it. It lets me collect knowledge of all types of worldviews and choose
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