Punishment Timeout Argument Essay

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Punishment is a given situation; someone does something that is immediately followed by a punisher. Punisher is a stimulus whose presentation immediately after a behavior causes the behavior to decrease in frequency. Behavior modifies, however, the word punishment does not mean any of these things; it is simple a technical term referring to the application of an immediate consequence following an Individual specific behavior in a specific situation that has the effect of decreasing the likelihood of future instance of that individual engaging in that specific behavior in the specific situation. Sometimes consequence of the legal system may function as a punishment in this technical sense, such as receiving a ticket for no seatbelt. Punishment…show more content…
There are two types of timeouts exclusionary timeout consist of removing an individual briefly from a reinforcing situation immediately following behavior. The child hit another child will toy so he was sent to his room. Nonexclusionary timeout is consisting of introducing into the situation, immediately following a behavior, a stimulus associated with less reinforcement. The child was asked to raise his hand before talking, if the child had was not raised the teacher ignores the child until he raised his…show more content…
I think that spanking should only be used in a serious situation for punishment to avoid teaching a child that if you hit you gets what you want. We use punishment everyday teacher, dsp, nurses, supervisor, parents, and husbands on pets, children, and clients, wife. I think that it is very important to get the bottom of why the behavior is happening. Punishment can be used in many places home, school, nursing home, playground any place an undesirable behavior happens. I think that parents need to be careful because punishing a child can have long lasting negative affect if done

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