Ptlls Unit 12

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UNIT 012 Principles of assessment in lifelong learning Main methods of assessments in life long learning are: academic (knowledge) and vocational (performance). Dependent on the subject, the assessment method may need to be adapted, using and adapting both these type assessments will ensure that the students acquire optimum achievement during my lesson. To decide which of these is most appropriate, the assessment cycle will be used: • Initial assessment - used to identify if my students already know something about the subject to be assessed and the needs of my students (for example more support). • Assessment planning - used to plan the suitable types and method of assessment following relevant organisational guidelines. • Assessment activity - to determine this, the method could be assessorled like completing questioning or student-led like gathering evidence of competence. • Assessment discussion and feedback - an explanation to my students, a breakdown of their achievements and feedback. • Reviewing their progress - an overview, update and amend if necessary, until my students have full understand of the lesson. During this process, progress is recorded throughout all aspects of the assessment cycle. 1 UNIT 012 Principles of assessment in lifelong learning Furthermore the assessment could be formal (with constraints and validation of knowledge) or informal (any time by oral questions to know how much learning is taking place) depending on area being assessed. When I plan assessment, I aim to consider the “5W+H: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How” to be sure that both students and I are informed of all the requirements. It is important to insure that all information/learning material follows these main criteria: • • • • Valid - appropriate to the subject. Reliable - continuity for all students. Fair - appropriate to all but differentiate for any
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