Taqa Unit 301

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UNIT 301 UNDERSTANDING THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF ASSESSMENT ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE – To be completed only if completing 301 as a standalone unit (these questions can be covered by discussion during holistic assessment opportunities if candidate is completing either unit 302 or 303) 1 - UNDERSTANDING THE PRINCIPLES AND REQUIREMENTS OF ASSESSMENT 1.1 QUESTION 1 Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development in regard to: • Learner initial assessment This takes place before learner commences on the course to ensure they are on the right path. There are number of test that can be carried out to assess learners level of ability and help to plan future learning, this may be known as skill scan. • Formative Assessment in tracking learner progress This assessment is a continuous process of learning that measures learners’ ability and knowledge throughout their learning. This should improve learning by enabling progress to be regularly monitored and reviewed. The learner can then see what they need to develop further before summative takes place. • Summative assessment in assessing learner achievement This takes place at the end of an assessment to indicate whether the learner has gained enough knowledge and performance skill throughout their assessment. This usually leads to a pass or fail situation but helps to confirm the learner has met the required criteria and competent in their work of assessment. 1.2 QUESTION 2 Define / describe the key concepts and principles of assessment • assessment as a process of making judgements of learners' knowledge, skills and competence against criteria _ To assess learner’s knowledge oral questions should be asked alongside discussions between the learner and the assessor. Projects could be given to learners to assess whether learning has taken

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