Explain Own Responsibilities In Maintaining A Safe And Supporting Learning Environment

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Task 1 Part A 1.3.1 – Explain own responsibilities in maintaining a safe and supporting learning environment It is important to create a safe and supportive learning environment for students, and as teachers we must be aware of our responsibilities for creating and maintaining this environment. One way we can achieve this is by using the first lesson of a new course as an opportunity for students to introduce themselves, share their goals and establish common concerns. One way of achieving this is through the use of ‘ice-breakers’. The use of pair work, small group and whole class activities can also help students to establish relationships with one another. Students should be encouraged to feel comfortable asking any questions and it should be established that anything raised on the classroom will not be shared outside of the class group. Feedback given should always be supportive, avoiding negativity and ensuring it is constructive so that students feel comfortable sharing with the group and discussing ideas freely. 1.3.2 –…show more content…
The teacher should ensure that they themselves behave appropriately and respect the class, for example by being on time, being prepared, completing marking on time as well as being positive and encouraging to the students, acting in a non-judgmental manner, listening to students and not belittling their ideas and providing assistance with class work. Teachers should also be respectful of their institution and colleagues. It is also important to set appropriate personal and professional boundaries straight away so that students can clearly see these, and to use points of referral where it is necessary and appropriate. Students can then model this behaviour. The ground rules that are set for the class will also be an important part of promoting appropriate behaviour and respect in the
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