Explain How to Establish and Maintain a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment.

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Unit: M/503/1232 No. 7 Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning Criteria: 3 Write a report detailing how you would ensure the safety of learners and a supportive environment implemented. 3.1 Explain how to establish and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment. In a learning environment it is important for learners to feel safe and need to be able to look to their teacher as being a role model. There are always going to be rules for the safety of the class and dance classes are no exception. When I teach Kizomba, I need to first create a safe place for my classes. Health and Safety rules are covered by the risk assessment done on arrival, i.e. clear floor space, no obstructions, clean toilet facilities etc. I would also establish a system whereby my students complete a record card or form detailing name, contact information and any other relevant information such as medical needs. Regulations out of the way, personalities are important. I believe that if I am friendly, my learners will relax and know they can feel secure in my class when it starts. Nobody likes to learn with a grumpy teacher. I will always do a fun warm up which helps break the ice. I need to be approachable at all times during the class and if necessary before and after. A learner needs to know that they can ask questions at the appropriate time in a class and get the answer they need either from me or on occasions, a fellow learner. This makes the class interactive. Inclusion of all students is important. If they feel intimidated in class they can come to me afterwards and ask a question in private. If they leave my class happy, I feel they have learnt something. It is very important for the students to know they have the support of the teacher and feel confident in the knowledge that any information given to the teacher is treated in
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