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Psychotherapy CheckPoint PSY 210 January 28, 2011 Psychotherapy CheckPoint Though there are several approaches in treating psychological disorders, the five most commonly used are biomedical, psychodynamic, humanistic-existential, behavior, and cognitive. Biomedical therapy consists of three approaches; drug therapy, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), and psychosurgery. Out of these three, drug therapy is more widely used, whereas ECT has limited use, and psychosurgery is very seldom used. Drug therapy pertains to the use of psychotropic drugs. Antianxiety drugs such as valium, librium and xanax treat such disorders as anxiety or bipolar. Antipsychotic drugs such as thorazine and clozaril are to treat schizophrenia, and antidepressants such…show more content…
These feelings may come from an experience in his or hers childhood, adolescent, or in adulthood. Psychodynamic therapy uses the assumption that everyone has a subconscious, and feelings held in the subconscious are often too painful to face. Humanistic-existential is the approach, which tries to do justice to the whole person including mind, body and spirit; to enable the patient to find constructive ways of coming to terms with every day challenges. Behavior therapy focuses on the present. This type of therapy helps patients overcome phobias and self-destructive behavior. Techniques used are flooding, systematic esensitization, counter-conditioning, and modeling. Cognitive therapy focuses on changing ones thought pattern. This type of therapy goes under the assumption that thoughts precede moods that cause false self-believes, which led to negative emotions. Each of these therapies have helped many overcome his or hers psychological disorder. One should always seek the appropriate help needed for whatever disorder he or she may

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