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Adolescent Anger Management Angelica Melendrez BSHS 311 September 29, 2013 Sheri Meyer Adolescent Anger Management The genetic make-up of an individual is how we can tell one another apart and the fact that there are no two people who are the same. There are many factors associated on why one may act regarding certain situations and behaviors are caused by the way a person thinks or how they are mentally unstable to deal with certain situations. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is one popular therapy in use today. In this paper it will summarize the article “Adolescent Anger Management”, in which describes why an adolescent may react the way they do and signs regarding adolescent anger management. Techniques used within CBT and the ways a human…show more content…
As adolescents start to gain independence, understand relationships that work and do not work make it hard for parents to let them grow, but as the adolescent sees it, parents are trying to keep them from self-expression and trying to figure out how they fit into the world around them (Bass, 2009). Media does not help adolescents acknowledge success since the media portrays physical appearance as perfection and possessions as riches causing complicated issues among adolescents (Bass, 2009). As an adult we have all gone through angry days as a teen, but the one thing the author Lyman Bass (2009) explains in the article “Adolescent Anger Management” there are signs that are beyond usual. These signs are when adolescents become defiant by the request of others, is mean to parents and other adults who hold some authority. Another signs are adolescents who are loners, depressed, trouble with expressing emotions, have few friends, and certain events trigger them into violent behaviors. Cognitive Behavior Therapy…show more content…
It is used in philosophy, methodology, and practice (Wellness, n.d.). Relaxation and visualization therapy is used by many complementary practitioners, physicians, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, nurses, clinical psychologists, and sport therapists (Wellness, n.d.). The main goal working as a human service worker is helping adolescents control their anger management by reducing their physiological arousal as well as their emotions that are the root cause of their anger. A human service worker is unable to help change or help an adolescent avoid what causes their angry behavior but to help the adolescent gain control of their actions (Hall, 2008). Conclusion There are so many factors out there that cause anger management issues among adolescents. Managing techniques such as relaxation and visualizations can help control ones anger. Arranging to have personal time with an adolescent from a parent and/or other authority figures using these techniques surrounding CBT puts the adolescent in a routine to help them understand themselves, acknowledge their triggers to anger, and accepting the fact that their emotions and reactions to those emotions are their decisions.

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