MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy

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“Taking a medical trip” Can the use of psychedelic drugs positively influence psychotherapy results, in patients diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and anxiety attacks? Abstract In contemporary times, after a long period of resenting the medical potential of psychedelic drugs, researchers have reassessed their statement and undertook research effort to test the prospective medical usage of psychedelic drugs, in treatment of patients with numerous psychological anxieties and mental health problems. Most scholars in the field of psychotherapy agree that the issue of medication deserves close attention, however consensus dissolves around the matter on how to apply psychedelic drugs and to what extent can they be used. The purpose of…show more content…
Michael Mithoefer works closely with MAPS and is the leading physician on the pilot study of MDMA –assisted psychotherapy in 24 subjects with treatment-resistant posttraumatic stress disorder. Dr. Mithoefer in convinced that MDMA can be more effective in psychotherapy then any other pharmaceutical drug, however according to him “Subjects need good follow-up to help integrate the experience because it can stir up strong emotions “. The primary result of Dr. Mitchoefer’s clinical trial suggest the following; “ … Based on neurocognitive testing, blood pressure and body temperature monitoring data, MDMA-assisted psychotherapy can be administered to PTSD patients without evidence of harm in a therapeutic setting and may be useful in PTSD patients who are refractory to other treatments”. (Mithoefer,…show more content…
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