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Final Project: Analysis of a Psychological Disorder Axia University PSY 270 June 26, 2011 Final Project: Psychological Disorder Analysis This paper will be an analysis of Marla, a 42-year-old Hispanic female. She has come to the clinic expressing symptoms of problems with sleep, a feeling of nervousness, and an inability to concentrate. Although the précis is short and lacks numerous minutiae, my initial impression is Marla may be suffering Dysthymia disorder. According to Kohn (2007), if the symptoms Marla is suffering have been present two or more years, she may have Dysthymia disorder. Conversely, Marla may have a major depression, as the symptoms are quite similar in both disorders. Differentiating between Dysthymia…show more content…
Additionally, traumas, deaths, finances, relationships and other stressful events, which are environmental, can cause Dysthymia; females are at a higher risk. Treatment Consequently, Marla has met all the psychological criteria for a diagnosis of Dysthymia accordingly the recommendations for treatment will be as follows; psychotherapy, medication, and lifestyle changes. The first step is to improve Marla`s mood, sleep patterns and energy level, thus a low dose of Prozac is prescribed. Prozac is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Prozac facilitates restoring balance of the chemicals in the brain, which improves mood, sleep patterns, energy levels, decreases anxiety and irritability (WebMD, 2010). The next recommendation is for Marla to begin psychotherapy. Marla will be required to change her way of thinking, to be less critical of herself, and develop optimism, hence, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will benefit her. Concurrently, Marla must develop better coping skills, which will facilitate her to communicate effectively with family, friends, and co-workers, therefore behavioral oriented therapy is appropriate (Faces of Abnormal Psychology,…show more content…
My recommendation is for Marla to be more active, by exercising regularly. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain which help the person feel balanced. A proper, healthy diet is significant as well; Marla must eat more fruits, vegetables and grains. Conclusion Psychological disorders are debilitating for those who suffer from them. It is the responsibility of the clinician to interview the patient and determine a correct diagnosis and treatment. Although, we know that Marla has underlying issues, which require therapy, the first objective is to treat the symptoms she has currently. Dysthymia is a particularly insidious disorder, some people may recover, but some continue to suffer their entire life (Faces of Abnormal Psychology, 2007). Psychological disorders do not discriminate they are equal opportunist

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