Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health and Social Care

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Gail Register UNIT 3 UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF DIVERSITY, EQUALITY AND INCLUSION 1.1 The meaning of:- Diversity is the difference between individuals. There are a variety of ethnic communities and a range of nationalities in our society, people have different religions, beliefs, and sexual preferences. It is important to recognise we are as individual’s very different in many ways, for instance due to the way we live, the language we speak and also purely because of social class and our backgrounds. Our abilities are very diverse, because of the different levels of education we received or we may have a disability, which has affected our learning capacity. Equality is about making sure that all people are treated fairly and are given fair choices and is NOT about treating everyone in the same way. In a health and social care environment it means that all individuals regardless of any differences or special needs, should have the same equal opportunities, and access to the same services, receive the same support, care and respect as any other individual. Inclusion: Valuing the diversity of all members of our society, we should promote the involvement of an individual in decision making and being included when discussing the choices in services and when planning the kind of support they want. Positively making sure that an individual’s needs are respected, and their beliefs have been considered. It is important that they feel they have been able to express their feelings and that they have personally participated in any discussions regarding their care plan for their needs. 1.2 Potential effects of discrimination Discrimination is unlawful in Britain, and there is legislation to protect and support people against being mis-treated , unfairly judged or harmed in anyway, physically or mentally. To discriminated against an individual for
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