Equality, Diversity and Right

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sP1: Explain the concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care. Equality, diversity and rights are all important aspects when in relation to a health and social care setting. In a health and social care setting it is important that everyone is treated the same, no matter what their background is. Everyone has the right to be respected and accepted by health care professionals. Equality Equality is when everyone is regarded as the same regardless of individual factors; equality protects people from being discriminated against for being ‘different’. Discrimination in equality can happen in relation to a person’s race, sex, health, religion, family, age, politics, disability, culture, sexual orientation or beliefs. Equality is about a society that is fair where there is massive potential and opportunity. Equality isn’t about having the same income, the same size house or the same amount of wealth; it is about treating people fairly because not everyone can be extremely successful. Diversity Diversity is the ability to accept and respect an individual regardless of who they are and what influences their lives. Diversity means accepting the fact that everyone is equal but also unique. Diversity creates an understanding of other people. It involves valuing each other as individuals and not as the same people. Different attitudes evolve with differences. Different people require different services, for example, when preparing food, different characteristics need to be taken into account, certain religions have different food rules that need to be taken into consideration, diversity means that individual’s need to accept this and understand that people are different and believe in different things and have different preferences. Human Rights Human rights are moral principles that set out a standard of human behaviour that is
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