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1. Tim Aston had a normal expectation to be the "best project manager" in his new assignment. What seems to have caused him to change his outlook? Lack of support from all areas seem to have gotten the best of Tim. His project team does not respect him and is not motivated to contribute to project success. His manager does not support his efforts and in fact leaves Tim to manage the company politics on his own. The managers in other departments are more interested in doing what will make them and their departments look good, even at the expense of their employees and possibly the company as a whole. His customers seem to have unrealistic expectations. 2. What approaches would you take to improve communications between Tim and the team members? I would definitely have a project kick-off with just the project team members (no other stakeholders involved) and since Tim is the new guy and they all know each other, I would also schedule an informal get together, like a pizza lunch or coffee and donuts and spend some time getting to know the members. I would also set the tone for project communications by laying out a detailed communication plan and share that with the team up front. I would lead by example. If I expect meetings to have an agenda, a time limit, and be follow up with minutes, then I would schedule a few meetings following these guidelines to show the team what I am expecting. If being late to meetings is an issue, I would start the meeting right on time so that whoever is late is made to feel they have interrupted – again set the tone. If team members are not getting me status updates even after the communication plan has been laid out, I would reach out to them directly and give them a deadline, if they are consistently late or miss a deadline I would escalate to their manager. 3. If you were in Tim’s position and were listening to his manager, Phil

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