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Appendix C The Four Functions of Management Description of Event A time that I was tasked with management was when I was a supervisor at a company. I was managing 25-30 employees at a time. They were making outbound calls, I had to monitor their calls, give feedback, set goals that had to be followed and met by the deadline given, make schedules, make sure that the employees were following the guidelines, do one on one sessions with employees that were having hard times, enhance the employees performance levels, conduct meetings, do timesheets, speak with customers that were outraged, I would do board assignments where the people with the most sales names went up on the board, do write ups and terminations among much more. In the table below, categorize your actions during the event under each of the four functions of management. Planning I was one of the six supervisors for this company. I had to go in early and leave late in order to plan my working day out for the employees that were under my supervision. I was required to do everything to make sure that my team succeeded and met the goals that they were to meet. I had to plan and put together information that I know would make a sell. I had to make the script that they were ready interesting enough that the customer would want to listen and not immediately hang up. Organizing I had to organize seats before my team came in, I had to set up and chose the team members that I was going to monitor, organize the schedules so that all team members were working the allotted hours required and were not going over the hours or getting shorted any hours. I had to organize the paper work that the team members needed once they arrived so that they could be prepared. I organized this information so that the team members would see the value that they have made. Leading I would lead by

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