Toughguy Case Study

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Problem definition The case study addresses a typical work place bully. Chip Mazey works as Vice President at an investment bank Hudson Smith Gordon (“Hudson”). Jeremy Frazer is an associate who works under Chip. Chip has risen to his position by hard work and he brought good profit by doing good business for the company. He is a control freak with poor people skills. But he also had another side most of the senior management does not know about and the subordinates who work with him know very well. He is very well behaved in the proximity of the senior management. Some of the associates bluntly say they do not work with Chip. He did not appreciate their hard work and constantly criticize and try to bring perfection out of the work through ruthless means. He assigns the same work to more than one person causing redundancy and wastage of resources. He did not trust the employees for their dedication and commitment neither did the subordinates. He used to call subordinates even during their vacation or after hours of work to attend some documentation work that he need to present the next day. He is ruthless in the sense that he presents impossible deadlines for the people who work under him. Though they work all night they are expected to come to work on time the next morning. He used false business meetings in some cases to make the employees come in earlier than the office hours. Make them redo the work over and over until they meet his expectations within a very short span of time. Though he has extra information that can be used for a project he never used to pass it to the assignee and use it as a reference to criticize their work. He used to get the work done much earlier than the deadline, threatening the employees as if the deadline is very close. The problem is to identify the root of the work place bully, find an effective solution and implement it.

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