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Samica Stars Lunchboxes Galore 2 Samica Stars Lunchboxes Galore specializes in custom made lunchboxes, as well as selling some others that are made and distributed to various stores. I have been making Lunchboxes since I was very young. I always loved the old school metal lunchboxes and I use them as purses on a daily basis. Some of my favorites that I have made include pictures of friends, family, special occasions, and even bands that I love. I have always gotten compliments on mine, and have been asked to make some for other people as well. I have made them for gifts and have even been paid to make them before! Just think, you could have a visual display of your son’s graduation to keep in your home, or a lunchbox with pictures of your children to take with you to work. You could have a band lunchbox to take with you as a purse to their show and show off your loyalty. On the other hand, maybe you just want a fun lunch box to keep keepsakes in, I have one that I made before my son was born that holds his ultra sound pictures, and the bracelets from the hospital he was born in. Vintage and retro items have come back as a fashion lately. I think having a unique and fun lunchbox fits into this niche nicely. No one else if offering such a unique and versatile product yet, Samica Stars Lunchboxes galore is a one of a kind and genuine service. All you have to do is provide me with the subject you would like, pictures if its family and friends and I do all the work for you! I will make you a unique, one of a kind lunch box that you can do as you please with and no one else will ever have that exact same box. Samica Stars Lunchboxes Galore 3 My target market is very wide. I think many younger kids will like these lunchboxes because they are so fun and unique. I also think young adults will enjoy them as purses and household décor. However, I

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