Case Study #2 Planning, Organizing, and Leading

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BMGT 364 6980 Management and Organization Introduction: The operation of the management within a company has a huge impact on the quality of service, productivity of employees, and the culture within a business. It is important to find the right balance of leadership style and motivation techniques to ensure the company is effectively operating. The management needs to have a clear understanding of the mission, vision and organizational strategy of the owner when developing business strategies and making decisions. The strategies that are developed and implemented during planning will have an impact on the remaining pillars of the P-O-L-C framework. Issues and Impacts on Business The mission and vision developed by Tom has been clearly laid out for the employees and customers to understand what the Coffee Shop is striving to offer. Willie is not following the company’s overall goals values of the coffee shop; the specific functions that have been established for the employees do not fit the company’s plan. The new manager has lost its focus on the customer. Whereas Tom’s Coffee Shop strategy was previously based on its differentiation as a competitive advantage based on quality products and customer service; the shop is now operating at a cost leadership strategy through narrowing its product selection and scope. The new manager’s business strategy to cut costs is not effective due to its failure of keeping existing customers happy and losing their business. The lack of friendly customer service, socialization, and free refills takes away from the company’s mission and vision of a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. The processes that were implemented by Willie to save money have taken away from the appeal of the company and its workplace environment. Willie’s behaviors are unethical due to not upholding the values of the company and making

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